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June 2017


Rewarding Agile Teams


Treasury shares issued pursuant to some long term incentive (LTIPs) obligations could now be tax deductible.


April 2017


Leveraging sales compensation plan to achieve company success (Part 2)


The proxy circular: More than just an obligation!


The impacts of the minimum wage increase in Québec on compensation practices



March 2017


Leveraging sales compensation plan to achieve company success



February 2017


Changes to Quebec Provincial taxation of stock option benefits



December 2016


Pay Equity: Upcoming legislation for Federally regulated employers



November 2016


Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS): Novelties


Incentive plans and economic dilution



October 2016


Pay equity in Québec: Brace for new maintenance requirements


Executive compensation could be simpler



September 2016


For an overview of the results of our survey on Compensation Planning for 2017, click HERE.



March 2016


Federal Budget 2016



October 2013


Both the historical data and the current economic environment raise some questions.

Are projected salary increases too high for 2014?


April 2013


Changes made by U.S. authorities to clawback provisions

Clawback policy: expected implications for Canadian publicly traded companies





Executive Compensation - Best practices, alignment of interests, structuring and financial valuation

April 24, 2013 Reseau Capital



Executive Compensation - Pitfalls to be avoided

May 16, 2013 Institute of Corporate Directors



Incentive Plans for fundations employees

November 7, 2013 AFÉSAQ



Financial Executive Forum

November 21, 2012


Paying for Performance
Panel discussion with:

André Perrault, Founding Partner, PCI Perrault Conseil
Jean Lamarre, President, Lamarre Consultants; Director on several Boards
Robert Paré, Partner, Fasken Matineau


The panel of experts will shed light on recent trends in the area of variable compensation, and more importantly, on the future of incentive plans.



Directors' Compensation: facts and trends. Is a new formula needed?

April 12, 2012, Breakfast Seminar - Institute of Corporate Directors

Speakers: Jean-Yves Leblanc, Corporate Director; Jean Lamarre, Corporate Director and President of Lamarre Consultants



Variable compensation: myths and facts regarding the impact on Human Resources in the workplace

October 5, 2010, training by Guylaine Béliveau in the event « Rendez-vous de la rémunération 2010 » by the ORHRI



Strategic compensation: reality or utopia?

May 11, 2011 - Conference - Matinees Lanaudoises

September 27 to 29 2010, during the 13th annual Worldwide Human Resources Convention, conference given by Marc Chartand


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