Quick comprehension of business issues


PCI provides compensation services for directors, executives, and employees. We have an excellent reputation for offering invaluable advice on total compensation strategies. Our strength lies in our ability to quickly understand the client’s environment, culture, strategy, and issues and turn this knowledge into recommendations that ensure the client’s success in the medium and long term.


PCI calls on the best external consultants for jobs that require specialized expertise.


We routinely collaborate with actuaries and lawyers who are tax and pension specialists, and experts in compensation disclosure for management proxy circulars, employment contracts, hiring and termination of employment, or organizational development. 


Whatever the case, PCI manages all consulting services and ensures its clients receive the professional and customized service we have come to be known for. That way, our clients get expert advice that addresses their specific needs, all conveniently offered as a one-stop shop service.





Clients and Business Sectors



  • Publicly-traded and privately-held corporations
  • Stand-alone organizations or subsidiaries
  • Founders, family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Private equity/Institutional investors  Cooperatives  Start-ups


Business Sectors


  • Aerospace
  • Insurance
  • Biotechnology
  • Venture capital/ Hedge fund
  • Retail and distribution
  • Media and communication
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Natural ressources
  • Food industry
  • Financial services and institutions
  • Professional services
  • Telecommunication, photonics, and fibre optics
  • Transport
  • Technology (hardware and software development and manufacturing)